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eFlipchart is a fully-secured, cloud-based, electronic flip chart for more effective collaboration during any type of meeting that uses a virtual component. Typically, flip charts are extremely useful in generating, evaluating, or prioritizing ideas or information. An electronic flip chart is no exception and allows you to do more because they are built with more features and capabilities than traditional flip charts.

How it works

eFlipchart performs like an Audience Response System in that it allows participants to write to a flip chart using an electronic device (tablet, phone, desktop). The results are displayed or projected in real time. As a result, the participants are more engaged and collaboration is more meaningful.

Such an application can be used in a wide variety of settings, including meetings, focus groups, conferences, classrooms, workshops, think tanks, etc. The possibilities are limitless! Anywhere you need a flip chart, whether online or onsite, you can use eFlipchart to enhance any meeting.

eFlipchart is considered a fully functional but not finished application (beta). You are welcome to use it without any obligation on your part. All you need to do is register and then sign in to use this application.

Also, if you find eFlipchart to be useful, then we encourage you to invite others to register and check it out, too.

Please share your feedback and suggestions (See menu for feedback).

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