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Meridian Research Group is a small marketing research firm headed up by Bill Willis. His background includes 20 years of marketing research and brand/product management for global, high-technology and consumer firms.

Meridian Research Group’s vision is to merge traditional methods with virtual technology. Bill is always looking to improve the research process with simple, state-of-the-art, easy-to-use virtual applications. Today’s computer-mediated technologies have created many new opportunities for businesses as they venture forth into the virtual world.

Bill has created eFlipchart for his qualitative research practice, but recognizes that it has many other useful applications for meetings requiring a virtual component. As a management consultant, he primarily advises and consults with companies on their marketing strategies.

Over the years, Bill has earned a reputation for his creativity, insights, and high-quality results. His curiosity, combined with a kind and gentle disposition, makes him a perfect fit for engaging on your issues.

You’ll find what he offers in terms of virtual tools and consulting is no exception!

You can reach him at 208-810-4400 or billw@meregroup.com.

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